The artwork is a digital file, yes
Pau Waelder
When considering how to collect digital art, we come across two preconceptions: what an artwork must be and what digital files are worth. First, it is commonly assumed that an artwork is an object with…
Digital Art Provenance
Kevin McCoy, Monegraph
Digital art poses a number of challenges to the standard practices of art collecting. And why wouldn’t it? Digital works have many attributes that make collecting it challenging. They are fragile --…
Accessibility and value no longer need to be at odds
Whitney Mallett
Trying to sell video art drove Gerry Schum to suicide. In the early 1970s, the German artist was a pioneer of the limited edition model, selling both limited and unlimited edition moving-image works through…
Performance Art vs. Silicon Valley
Andrew Goldstein
When it comes to existing in the ebb and flow of the art market, the paradoxical conundrum of digital (aka new media) art is present in its very name: While we live in an increasingly digital world, making…
Network Connection: Daata Editions' Season Two
Lindsay Howard
The term “digital” has become synonymous with connectedness. Artworks are increasingly experienced through social networks, and it’s imperative that institutions support artists in these complex,…
Notes for the Second Season of Daata Editions
Anton Haugen
In approaching a platform like Daata Editions, one searches for an apt way to describe the experience of screen-based works. In the past, too often have the gallery and its spatial metaphors been invoked…
A Blueprint
Gary Zhexi Zhang
An .mp4 is not really an object in the sense that an etching is an object. As a thing, a digital file is more like an idea, it can be treasured or forgotten, copied and corrupted. Like Sol LeWitt used…
On Daata Editions
Loreta Lamargese
Daata Editions offers a novel platform to solve a longstanding concern: how to commodify, collect, and distribute intangible and already-networked digital artwork. Probing this question reveals a nested…
Daata Editions Launch - A reflection
Courtney Malick
Perhaps one of the most difficult merges to successfully forge within contemporary art is between the curatorial and the commercial. Often when we seek to place what, from a curatorial perspective, seem…
Daata Editions Season One Launch
Lucy Chinen
Daata Editions is a platform for collecting artists’ video, sound and web based artwork. Dedicated to supporting artwork online, Daata Editions commissions works available in editions for purchase and…