What is Daata Editions ?

Daata Editions is a platform for collecting artists’ video, sound, poetry and web based artwork. Dedicated to supporting artwork online, Daata Editions commissions works available to view and acquire as digital downloads in a limited edition.

What do I get when I purchase an edition ?

When you purchase an edition you get a digital file of the work which is stored in your account on the website and which you can download to your devices (laptop, tablet, mobile phone etc). 

All editions are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

How can I purchase an edition ?

If you would like to purchase an edition, click ‘Buy’ and the first available edition will be issued to you. 

As soon as you complete the transaction, you acquire a digital file wc you can download to your device and which is kept online in your account together with a Certificate of Authenticity.

How can I view my purchased edition(s) ?

To view your purchased edition(s) you can either download them to your computer or log in to your account from any device (computer, tablet, mobile phone) and screen them through your gallery.

A Daata Editions app is available for iPhone & iPad through the AppStore, which enables you to view and download your editions to your device and screen them to your screens via AirPlay.

How can I have my videos playing on a continuous loop ?

To play your videos on a continuous loop, go to My Gallery, select the video you want to play, click on the play icon and then on the loop icon at the end of the play bar.

You can also select multiple videos to screen in a specific order by creating Playlists through the Daata Editions app.

How can I download the edition(s) I have purchased ?

If you wish to download an edition, log in to your account from your preferable device, go to My Gallery, select the edition you would like to download and download it by clicking on ‘Download’.

You can also download your editions to your iPhone or iPad through the Daata Editions app.

How can I certify the authenticity of my edition(s) ?

All editions are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist, stating the name of the artist and the title of the artwork, the number of the edition, the name of the person it is issued to and the date of the issue.

You can find and download your Certificate(s) of Authenticity in your Gallery at the Me section on the website.

Can I exhibit the edition(s) I have purchased ?

You can exhibit your editions without restrictions in a private environment. However, you will need to get in touch with Daata Editions in order to obtain artist’s permission to exhibit a work publicly or for commercial purposes. For further information please refer to the Conditions of Purchase.

In which format can I download my edition(s) ?

Video files are downloaded in .mp4 and sound files are downloaded in .wav

Can I resell my edition(s) ?

Collectors can transfer their edition(s) to other Daata Editions members after selecting the edition they wish to transfer from their account and choosing the ‘Transfer Artwork’ option. The edition will be transferred and a new Certificate of Authenticity will be issued for the new owner, mentioning his name and the date of the transfer.

After the transfer, you are no longer the owner of the edition and any copies of it are of no value. Accordingly, your Certificate of Authenticity will be outdated by the most recent one issued to the new owner.

No monetary exchange for the transfer of an edition is available through the platform and has to be fulfilled privately between the collectors. Daata Editions brings no responsibility for such transactions.