Matt Copson


Matt Copson’s alter ego is a vengeful fox named Reynard. Inspired by ancient European folklore, Reynard appears in many different guises as a character that is both hateful and pitiful. Copson’s multi-media work draws heavily from contemporary British culture and ancient forms of storytelling. Through the persona of Reynard the fox, and its relationship to others, Copson narrates a complex, often troubled worldview.

Recent exhibitions solo exhibitions include Blorange, Foundation Louis Vuitton, Sob Story, High Art, A Woodland Truce, a performance at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery, Reynard Reforms, Vilma Gold and Reynard’s Fundament, Tramps.

Recent group exhibitions include As Above, So Below, IMMA, To Die For, Castiglioni, The Green Ray, Wilkinson Gallery, The March Project, Sharjah Art Foundation and Bloomberg New Contemporaries at The ICA.

He was recently awarded the Kaissering Stipendiat 2018 at the Monchehaus Museum, Goslar, Germany.