Ollie Dook
    6 THE END (The Writer)

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    The author’s agency is the lingering question in the concluding moments of the finale, which attempts to acknowledge the origin of Ollie Dook's other Animals Stories and their potential authorship. Echoing when Bugs Bunny was revealed to be the animator of the celebrated Chuck Jones Cartoon, ‘Duck Amuch’, we meet our pioneering protagonist again, now at the keys of the typewriter finishing his own story. Each prior story was an unlikely moment that begs belief from those viewing it, yet the culminations of these events seem inevitable. The infinite monkey theorem states a monkey hitting arbitrary keys for an infinite amount time will almost surely result in a Shakespearean tale. This image has long been a commonality in popular culture with various representations throughout the 20th century and the theorem itself has been traced back to Aristotle. Are we now witnessing a renaissance in the behaviour of animals, a potential moment of evolution to the higher plain a human occupies in science, poetry and art? Or do we simply now have now the means to record, remix and reproduce these moments in such a way that their surreal nature is believed as normality.

    Ollie Dook's Animal Stories-series takes multiple strands of reoccurring and memetic ideas of the animal image that are primarily accessed and shared via the means of YouTube, and re-told in an episodic tale harking back to the traditions of Disney’s ‘Silly Symphony’ series.