Ollie Dook

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    Ollie Dook's Animal Stories takes multiple strands of reoccurring and memetic ideas of the animal image that are primarily accessed and shared via the means of YouTube, and re-told in an episodic tale harking back to the traditions of Disney’s ‘Silly Symphony’ series, that would re-tell traditional fairy tales for a new generation. Via the surreal and plasmatic visions of his animators, the vivid shine of Technicolor and the freshness of multi-plane technology, these stories could be told as never before.

    Dook's series adopts the contemporary and popularised Pixar’esque depiction of anthropomorphic cartoon animals as protagonists, as the stories’ true absurd and surreal origins are re-presented in heightened extremity. They each reference a moment of blurring between the animal and human where the actions of the animal appear to imitate those of a human, however the animal’s true intentions seem far less clear. Each animal’s moment of heightened self via creative output is echoed by a sense of pathos in the failure of humans to truly recognise the creature outside of their own frameworks. Similar to Aesop’s fables, within these remakes of popularised moments, a moralistic narrative becomes clear. Our pre-conceptions of how we envision animals leave a lingering darkness amongst the colourful and high definition renderings on show. Yet in its conclusive moment we perhaps see that this is a tale in which the animal’s agency and perspective is central to its telling.