Rashaad Newsome

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    Rashaad Newsome's practice blends several practices together including collage, sculpture, video, music, computer programming and performance, to form an altogether new field.

    KNOT combines Newsome’s interest in knot theory, the performative language of the dance form Vogue Fem, the design formulas of heraldry, and Baroque architecture. Knot theory, a branch geometric topology, studies the embedding of circles into three-dimensional space. The hand movements, referred to as Hand Performance, one of the main elements of “Vogue Fem” are loosely based on a figure eight, or listing’s knot. The film presents an abstracted, collaged environment informed by the designs of Baroque architecture and ornament. Knot combines heraldry and hip-hop to provide an exploration of the black body through powerful queer images. In the process of all the ducking, walking, dips, sips, and hand performance, the piece questions how we define gender and masculinity.