Lu Yang
    LuYang Interactive Hearse

    Unlimited edition
    HD Video, MP4, 2:15 mins

    LuYang Interactve Hearse, 2017 by Lu Yang, the Daata Editions Commission powered by Artune in collaboration with PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai.

    LuYang Interactve Hearse, 2017 by Lu Yang.
    陆扬的互动灵车 – 2017年陆扬作品

    The Daata Editions Commission, powered by Artune. Released online and at PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai on Sept 7.

    Daata Editions委约作品,由Artune赞助支持, PHOTOFAIRS影像上海艺术博览会

    LuYang Interactive Hearse. This new commission relates to Lu Yang's recent work 'LuYang Delusional Mandala', with a focus on the Chinese text within the artwork, derived from Buddha's first teaching:

    'like everything high will fall down, everything together will separate, all living things will die'.

    陆扬的互动灵车 | 这一新委约作品与艺术家近期新作《陆扬妄想曼陀罗》息息相关,作品的重点是一段中文文字,取自于佛陀最初的教诲,意为:一切处于高位的终将落下,一切一起的终将分离,一切活着的终将死去。

    'LuYang Interactive Hearse' is an artwork of the artists own imagined funeral, a death portrait as a living animation, with the imagined dead artist's face smiling at you on both sides of hearses LED screen, while it moves along its ever-lonely journey.


    Lu Yang has created a digital nonsexual human simulator in her own image. Her focus combines religion and neuroscience, meditation and practice. Making use of the principle of the stereotactic system, the deep brain stimulation and RTMS working on the deep limbic system, in order to extend delusions, substitute into religious perspectives and fugacious meditation on the material world and produce objective delusions.


    This work is a continuation of the artist’s reflection on her creation in the past, at present and in the future. Does consciousness adhere to the brain? Where on earth is consciousness? The artist simulates the delusions of damaging herself and her works over and over again in her work. It can be sure that these delusions will eventually come true.


    Lu Yang (b.1984, China). Lu Yang’s multimedia installations combine video, sculptural elements, lighting, and soundtracks made in collaboration with different musicians. The videos themselves are fast-paced, delivering various types of information at once: highly detailed and sometimes intense digital imagery layered with moving graphics, voiceovers also available as subtitles in translation, and high-energy soundtracks ranging from techno to opera to death metal. The installations can be immersive and overwhelming. Viewers are left with strong impressions, but to grasp the videos in all their detail, viewers would probably have to watch them multiple times. Or you can let them wash over you – colourful and keyed-up, like a music video or a futuristic educational film.

    陆扬(生于1984年,中国) | 陆扬的多媒体装置作品结合了移动影像、雕塑元素、灯光以及与不同音乐人合作完成的音乐。移动影像本身节奏快,同时传递多种类型的信息:高度细节化、时而强烈的数字图像与动态影像、旁白和高能量音轨相叠加,旁白也以翻译后的字幕形式呈现,音轨风格从科技舞曲到歌剧,再到死亡金属不等。这些装置作品可以是沉浸式,令人应接不暇的,给观众留下强烈的印象,但是若想捕捉到视频的所有细节,观众则不得不多次反复观看。或者你可以让视频呼啸而来——色彩艳丽、紧张兴奋,像是一部音乐录音带或未来主义教育影片。

    Daata Editions 委约、销售与展示艺术家的数字媒介作品、移动影像、声音、诗歌与网络作品。