Artie Vierkant
    Friday 1 April 2016 1:55PM

    Edition 2
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    The videos presented are in some ways an extension of the "Image Objects" project. A key aspect of this project is the creation of altered installation views of prior works, which are then disseminated. This series of videos presents a sequence of image alterations of a number of prior works, unfolding over the course of several minutes and constituting a mediated extension of these prior works. Each video has been laid out in such a way so that the image manipulations unfold procedurally, recording a series of specific gestures and manipulations simultaneously.

    "Image Objects" are works that exist at the interstice between the physical object and the mediated image. The series is titled for the idea of this divide itself, in a time when our understanding of objects comes equally from our physical interaction with them as well as the contexts and frequency with which we encounter images of those objects, and when representational autonomy can be interrupted with highly commonplace tools for copying, altering, and reclaiming images.

    Note that each video is supplied in both 21:9 (ultra wide, 'anamorphic') aspect ratio, as well as cropped 16:9 ratio. The works are intended to be displayed in 21:9 aspect ratio, but in the absence of reasonable hardware may be screened in 16:9 to prevent letterboxing.