Saya Woolfalk
    Color Mixing Machine - Mandala

    Edition 1
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    This is a composite Mandala of all six works from Colour Mixing Machine, initially conceived for a Saya Woolfalk/Daata Editions collaboration with POSTmatter & WeTransfer.

    Saya Woolfalk is a New York based artist who uses science fiction and fantasy to re-imagine the world in multiple dimensions. With the multi-year projects No Place, The Empathics and ChimaTEK, Woolfalk has created the world of the Empathics, a fictional race of women who are able to alter their genetic make-up and fuse with plants. With each body of work, Woolfalk continues to build the narrative of these women's lives, and questions the utopian possibilities of cultural hybridity. The Pollen Catchers is a continuation of ChimaTEK, in which the Empathics employ color-mixing machines to further shape shift their morphology.

    Sound attribution to The Hathaway Family Plot