Larry Achiampong
    6. The End Pt_2 (-5 Degrees)

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    ‘Cumulus humilis' is a cumuliform cloud with little vertical extent that is commonly referred to as "fair weather cumulus" and is common in the summer. Though if they develop into cumulus mediocris cloud or the cumulus congestus cloud it may mean thunderstorms later in the day.’—Wikepidia

    Cumulus follows the trials and tribulations of a band called ‘Cloudface and The Cumulus’. The band received it’s name based on the term ‘Fair Weather Cumulus’. Much like Cumulus humilis, Larry Achiampong managed to create a project in a short space of time, rising through a successive course of experimentation and temperament. The one-off project however would only become just that, after Larry created their final song 'The End Pt 2'.