Ariana Reines
    VULGARIS AERAE – 30 Mar 2016

    Edition 1
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    CD Quality sound, wav, 6:27 mins, 1 GIF

    30 Mar 2016: THE SIN OF RETICENCE, on an altar I made in Hobart, Tasmania

    Vulgaris Aerae is a project which consists of 6 gifs, each marked with a date referring to a poem that was composed directly into the Internet in a single draft. These poems are distinct from other forms of live engagement for their verticality: they are at once instances of radical artifice—absolute poeisis (verticality)—and total, live responsiveness—the horizontal, interpersonal engagement with current events and other people, the welp and woof of writing straight into the world. Instances of presence such as this have becoming increasingly rare in Ariana Reines' practice as her visibility has grown. "I guess I find it inhibiting to work while watched. And even more inhibiting, perhaps, to do the opposite of work while watched. Part of the challenge, here, is to work warmly in an inherently cold medium" – Ariana Reines.