Laura Focarazzo

    Laura Focarazzo is a video artist and independent curator, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her works include experimental films and videos, which use sound as a 'script' for the construction of non-narrative pieces, as well as curatorial works. Her works provide poetic and sensory experiences in a dialogue with the unconscious by evoking chaos as a place to live endless possibilities and she often collaborates with local and international sound artists. She also works with her own field recordings and abstract images as raw materials in the construction of her video works.

    Festivals and exhibitions include: 13o BAFICI - International Independent Film Festival of Buenos Aires; Festival Abstracta Cinema”, Rome, Italy; "AIVA -International Video Art Festival" Angelholm -Sweden; "Poetry Film Festival" 2013 - London, UK; “26o Festival Les Instants video: 50 Years of Video Art”, Marseilles, France; Punto y Raya Festival 2014, Reykjavík - Iceland; Time is Love International Video Art Program: London – Paris – Korea- Ukraine - Slovenia - California; "Sonorities 2015" Belfast - Ireland; Fonlad - Coimbra, Portugal: Yoni Fest 2015 - Cambridge, MA; "La Certeza del Error" 2015, Galeria Arte x Arte, Buenos Aires - Argentina; "10ème Mex-Parismental" 2015, Paris-France; PPC’s PoP Up Kino 2016 Berlín / Paris; File 2016 Electronic Language International Festival, Sao Paulo - Brazil among others.