Daata Things for Every Thing

    Daata Things is a new playlist featuring artists: Daniel Keller and Martti Kalliala, Sara Ludy, Hannah Quinlan & Rosie Hastings, Jon Rafman, Scott Reeder, Saya Woolfalk, Zadie Xa - in collaboration with Assembly Point who are presenting Every Thing – a collaborative artists’ project showcasing a wide range of multiple and unique works for sale from collaborators past and present.

    Every Thing is a project that acknowledges the collective place of multiples and artists’ editions within contemporary culture and commerce. Assembly Point is working with Daata Editions and Paper Cuts to present a vast range of things over four days, extending across categories of art media including: prints, publications, photographs, sculpture and performance; in addition to digital media such as moving image, sound and web.

    Every Thing will present and offer for sale the work of more than sixty international artists over the course of the project, alongside a public programme of workshops, performances and talks. Link to Every Things