NAUSEA - A VR Exhibition
    Metaphysics, VR

    NAUSEA – Metaphysics’ first virtual exhibition is shown on the HTC Vive, the most sophisticated Virtual Reality System currently on the market with its roomscale tracking technology. Seven months of work in collaboration with established artists has culminated in a complex experience that explores various notions of virtual perception, interaction and aesthetics. These different takes are fused together by an innovative portal system offering a seamless way of navigating through the exhibition: the user can physically walk into the different spaces opening a humansize portal. NAUSEA was curated and produced by Philip Hausmeier, a Slade School graduate,  and his Virtual Reality startup Metaphysics.  The artists of the show are Eddie Peake, Florian Meisenberg, Anne de Vries, Rubén Grilo, Jack Strange and Anna K.E.

    Purchase 1 of 6 editions for $7000 (not including headsets)


    Nicky van Breugel, Sales Director at Daata Editions